Monday, March 11, 2013

Teach a Class, Take a Class

I have a couple of fun adventures coming my way in the near future. First, I'll be teaching a class next weekend at my LYS (local yarn shop), Trish's Crafty Corner. The class is learning the two-colour brioche stitch, also known as slipped-stitch colourwork. The pattern I'll be using is the NewsPrint Cowl by Haven Leavitt. Here's one I did for last year's Ravellenic Games in Patons Silk Bamboo:

The one I'm doing for the class is in a luscious Baby Llama Silk blend from Trish's store, but it's currently on display there to advertise the class.

I had planned on putting the money I'm earning from the class into our Spring Vacation Fund (Florida in May, baby! Woot!) and most of it will go there, but I'm taking a wee bit of it for myself and I just signed up for a class on creative lettering at Creative Workshops. The class is called LetterLAB and is taught by Lori Vliegen. I discovered Lori via this adorable photo on Pinterest:

c. Lori Vliegen

I followed the pin to her incredible blog Elvie Studio and fell in love with her beautiful and seemingly effortless hand lettering, and gorgeous watercolouring. Being a scrapbooker, the one thing I always wished I could improve on my layouts was the lettering. I've never had particularly pretty handwriting, much to my dismay. I consider myself pretty creative, and I used to draw and sketch quite a bit during my high school years, but the art of creative lettering has always proved elusive. I just recently started dabbling in watercolour pencils, so I'm doubly excited to dive into this class. I'm all signed up and anxiously awaiting my email invite to the class. I'll be sure to update on my progress!

You can sign up for Lori's class HERE.

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