Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crafty Withdrawal

If it's possible to suffer withdrawal after a period of non-crafting, I'm experiencing it. The kids and I spend a solid 3 weeks battling one illness after another... nasty head colds, pink eye, ear infections. Needless to say, I haven't done anything... no knitting, no sewing, no photography. Now I'm so busy trying to catch up on things like the kids' schoolwork and (ugh!) housework, where will I find the time? I did try and get some sewing done yesterday, but the motor on my new-to-me Brother machine started smoking and shooting sparks (!!!). I enjoy cleaning up and maintaining vintage machines, but dealing with electrical is where I draw the line. So, a quick (really quick, like less than 2 hours quick) trip to my local Old Sewing Machine Guy and $30 later, she has a new motor. Hopefully I'll have time to use it soon :0)

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  1. Hi Angie, I have enjoyed reading your blog, after finding you through Ravelry. So I am pleased to present you with the Liebster Award! I was awarded it yesterday, please see my blog post for the deets. I hope you will be feeling better soon, and we can enjoy more of your crafting and photography! Yzo