Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bag Turned Prototype

I recently fell in love with this awesome Anthropologie bag knockoff that I saw on Pinterest, and I finally got a chance to do some sewing yesterday and thought I'd give it a shot. The pattern/tutorial is from Emily at The Boy Trifecta. So I rummaged through my stash and found some light brown corduroy I'd been saving for the express purpose of making some sort of bag out of it.

I have to say, Emily's bag is gorgeous, and her tutorial is excellent. Unfortunately, this bag gave me more trouble than any sewing project I've ever tackled, I think. It was just one frustration after another. On the bright side, though, I learned a LOT and plan on tackling another one of these bags ASAP because I really, really want one.

Here's my finished bag:

I know, it doesn't look that bad, right? Well, here's what wrong (aka the lessons I learned and what I'll do differently next time):
- Because I don't have a serger, I hemmed the edges of the strips of fabric I used to make the pleats and ruffles. Between that hem and the thickness of the corduroy, it was impossible to fold over the top pleated section like the tutorial says. I thought I'd worked around that problem by just pleating without folding it over, but the hemmed edge in the seam made it impossible to top stitch the center of the front of the bag, leaving the lining to constantly, annoyingly peek over the exterior.

- My first strip isn't ruffly enough. It was my first time using my ruffler attachment, and I thought it looked ok until after I ruffled the bottom tier and realized that the first one had somehow loosened its ruffle before getting sewn on. As an aside, I L-O-V-E my ruffler attachment!

- Despite trimming off a considerable amount from the printed pattern for the bag, it's still way too big for me. I need to seriously scale down my next attempt.

- Somehow, despite multiple measurings, my magnetic snap is horribly off-center, making the bag hang funny when it's closed. And I think I'd much prefer a recessed zipper next go-round.

So, this bag is destined to hang out in my unfinished projects baskets until I feel like spending an hour ripping out all the seams to remove and replace the lining, at least. The exterior is still lovely, just too big for me. I'll gift it to someone, but not with the awful off-center snap.

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