Friday, January 20, 2012

Some new lovelies on their way to me!

Sometimes I think there's nothing more fun than eagerly awaiting parcels in the mail. I've got some doozies on the way right now, and I can barely contain myself waiting for them to arrive.

First up is a biggie. A new camera! Woot! My old camera (Canon Rebel XS) completely fizzled out on me last week, when I went to change out my lens and discovered it suddenly wouldn't recognize any of my lenses. I took it into my local camera shop and they did their best to fix it, but determined it was something wrong with the internal circuitry and would need to be sent into Canon for repair. In their experience it would end up costing me several hundred dollars to have it fixed, so I decided that money would be better spent upgrading :-)

Although I'm a huge fan of supporting local business, I'm purchasing my new camera body online from B&H in the states instead of at my local camera shop this time. I just couldn't pass up the huge savings (almost $400 total for the camera body, external flash unit and 3 year warranty, including accidental damage).

After much back-and-forth between the Rebel T3i and the 60D, I found an excellent side-by-side review of the 2 cameras and decided to go with the T3i. The only differences between the two are that the 60D has a larger body (to accommodate the top LCD screen, mostly) and faster continuous shooting (5.3 vs 3.7fps). I have smaller hands and would prefer a smaller body, anyway, and I can't recall ever using the continuous shooting on any of my DSLR's. So the choice was easy.

*Photos courtesy of B&H Photo.

My other exciting purchase is a gorgeous Lyric camera bag by Epiphanie, in Plum!!! I just can't wait for it to get here. It's one of their newer bags, and I was kind of worried it might be too small, but I was worried the next smallest (the Lola) would be too big on me to carry around while shooting. Because it's newer, it was tough finding many reviews on it online that really showed what it could hold. I'll post my own review once it arrives!

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