Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh Baby!

I was recently asked by a good friend if I would take photos for her at her baby shower, and of course I accepted.

 It also gave me an excuse to knit something adorably tiny :-)

The pattern for this sweet little cardigan is called Concentric Stripes and can be found on Ravelry (of course!), and the little hat is the Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat. Knit with Cascade Eco Duo yarn, which is 50% baby alpaca and 50% merino wool, and is absolutely luscious yarn.

I also broke out my scrapbooking supplies for the first time in a long time, and remembered just how much I love papercrafting. I can't wait to have a dedicated craft room some day, with room to leave my supplies out for easy access/use. For now I took time to make a card to go with my gift.

So, that's how I spent my weekend :) I'm still waiting for my new camera and bag to arrive... the waiting is killing me!

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